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Once upon a time in a sleepy village ...

Who the hell is Tim StiX?


Tim StiX was born in a small country village of Somerset in the south-west of England. He was the son of English parents: an Electrical Engineer and a home-parent. After starting a family and building a life in a sleepy village, Tim's parents decided to emigrate to Sydney, Australia when he was six.

While life was different in Sydney and difficult at first, the family gradually built a home there. Tim was educated and had a large circle of friends, of whom, a lot of them remain in contact to this day.

Tim liked playing musical instruments and building things, which led to his desire to become an architect. While that didn't work out exactly as planned, his love of music and in particular, creating things, has always been his passion.


After leaving school Tim didn't become an architect as planned, instead he went into Mechanical Engineering and studied at both Sydney Technical College and Sydney University. During that study, he found and developed a love of Software Engineering and went on to become a Software Engineer instead of Mechanical Engineering, after finishing at Sydney University.

With over 20 years Software Engineering experience, Tim is now a Principal Software Engineer and develops Software in a host of Languages, Operating Systems and situations.


Tim has always been interested in playing musical instruments. It started when he received a toy saxophone at age 4. While the instrument was plastic and didn't last long, it started a fire burning in the psyche.

His first real experience with organised music was playing side-drum in a marching band, going on to become the lead drummer in that band.

From there it was clarinet in the school orchestra and then guitar in garage bands. Then nearly 10 years playing bass guitar in a big-band and a few more in a rock band, again playing bass.

He then went back to concentrating on guitar but still had a passion to play drums. So now, after about 4 years, he is a proficient rock drummer and enjoys playing in various ensembles.

Throughout most of his musical career, Tim has enjoyed writing, arranging and producing music of various genres. Over time, this has become an ever-increasing passion.


As well as music, Tim StiX has always had an interest in Art and in particularly drawing. This eventually led to painting and he enjoys creating unusual paintings using acrylic paint.

Being a Software Engineer, Tim decided to try his skills at Digital Art. While still preferring physical painting, due to its tactile nature and hands-on development, he has started creating Digital Animations using Pixel Art.

A series of Graphic Novels is currently under development with an initial idea of 4 planned. The Novels include music written and produced by Tim and allows him to combine both his love of Music and Art.

Creating Pixel Art Animation is a long painstaking exercise so Tim has streamlined the Process by creating an Animation Projects Structure, a Timing and Repetition Lexicon and a Software Engine to speed-up and organise the entire process.


Tim is also an Author, and contributes Articles to various publishing platforms.

While not exactly identical to music. Writing Articles and Stories, is not disimilar to writing melodies, lyrics, songs and themes. The creative process, and the abilty to bring thoughts and visions to life, eminates from the same source.

It is certainly not a high paying occupation. So StiX wouldn't recommend that path, unless you have a true passion for writing. As with most artistic callings, no matter how much talent your have, it is incredibly difficult to get noticed.

How do the chosen few become popular? By being known or recommended. Popularity eminates from fame. Or hanging around with someone who has the cred'.

Whatever the outcome. Writing for money, can never satiate the soul like writing for pleasure.

Passion: The Fruit of Life

Whatever form or medium your creative energies eminate within. Whether it be writing, performing, embracing or just being.

Energise your soul and loves with passion. The fruit of life is Not forbidden.

Passion truely is, the fruit of life.
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Tim StiX is a Software Engineer with over 20 years experience in Net Technology.
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