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What is it like living on the Borderline?

Jack D addresses his demons with art and writing

Life on the Borderline

Noxious worm at the end of the world
Breaks out into the sun

Scours the plane, seeking brain,
causing pain, stealing sane

Finds prey on the Borderline ...

And drills the Fragile One


I wrote this poem in July 2018, during one of many stays in a Mental Health Clinic.

The Artwork came first. I think it took a few days to draw the skull because my concentration was compromised.

I wrote the poem one evening before night-time meds. And as you can see, it must have been a dark time.

A short poem exorcising the thoughts from of my brain. Just a single verse, a Moment in Time.

I don't know if there is a lesson, or anything at all, that anyone else can take from this experience on paper.

Except possibly, that drawing, painting, writing, composing, or anything that helps get the thoughts, out-of-your-head. Can drag you back from the Borderline.


Tim StiX - Life on the Borderline
July 2018

Originally Published on Vocal Media

This Article was originally published by Tim StiX on vocal.media.
Jack D - Jan 2023
Jack D is a Bass Guitarist and friend to all of us at Tim StiX Magazine. He is an occassional contributor, focusing primarily on Mental Health issues.
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