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A collection of fictional short stories

So, what's the story?

Black Satin

Betwixt sleep and unknown reason, I wrench myself awake and sit up in bed. Looking down on a ... book

Small, black, slightly shiny, possibly leather but more likely faux ...

  Tim StiX: Black Satin
Ships on the Horizon

Waiting for our ship to come in ...

A perfect day in an ideal location. What could possibly go wrong?

  Ships on the Horizon
Eternal Love on a Glass of Merlot

Love does not question or blame, it does not compete or accuse

No, true love is unquestioning, trusting, trustworthy and eternal ...

Eternal Love on a Glass of Merlot
A Friendship in Image and Prose

A homage to our memories together. A path, a journey, a colorful roll of film laid out before us. Each frame, a day, a year, a page in our relationship ...

  A Friendship in Image and Prose

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