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So ... who the hell is Tim StiX?

Tim StiX: Who and what is this Website?

Tim StiX is a founder, architect, contributor and software administrator of 1.01 World Net™ and the engineer of this Website.
TimStiX.com is a Magazine of short stories and articles, managed and published by 1.01 World Net™.

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  1.01 World Net BoK:
A BOK or BoK is a Body of Knowledge such as: a library, a website or a collection of information.
Magazine: Store up
1. a print periodical containing related pieces (such as articles, stories, verse) with illustrations
2. a place where supplies are stored
Late 16th century: from French magasin

Tim StiX Magazine: select articles ...

Tim StiX Magazine Launch

Welcome to Tim StiX Magazine: part of the 1.01 World Net BOK. A Knowledge Base of Stories, Articles and other Intriguing Stuff.

February 1, 2023
Tim StiX Magazine
Launch Day

So ... who the hell is Tim StiX?

Larger than Life

A thought-provoking Article on the Universe of Things.

An ecosystem of interrelated organisms, where everyone and everything is reliant on each other.

Another ant in the hill,
Another cog ...

in the machine of life

Ships on the Horizon

Waiting for our ship to come in ...

Our first Christmas in Western Australia.
A perfect day in an ideal location ...

What could possibly go wrong?

My First Step into Nirvana

Have you ever had the feeling that a day is coming towards you like a crossroad?

The most important day of my Life ...

My first step into Nirvana!

Or ... the light at the end of the

Tunnel vision!

Black Satin

Betwixt sleep and unknown reason, I wrench myself awake and sit up in bed.

Looking down on a ... book!

Small, black, slightly shiny, possibly leather ...

but more likely faux ...

Introduction to Tim StiX Magazine

Welcome to Tim StiX Magazine: part of the 1.01 World Net BOK, a Knowledge Base of Stories, Articles and other Intriguing Stuff.

If this is your first visit to our humble website, then we would like to hail your serendipity with a hearty greeting ... Salute!

Welcome to the Website ... and Welcome to the Knowledge Base.

So, the door is open, come on in and chill-out ...

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